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Posted 02/2016 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

Here is a little fun fact for visitors to FIT PROF; in the last 3 decades (or so), the nutritional supplement industry has exploded into a 30 billion dollar business worldwide, and is still growing. That is nearly three times that of the fitness equipment business! Knowing this, you can imagine the countless inquires we have received over the years from consumers asking our opinion about certain diet plans, nutritional products, etc. While keeping our focus on specialty equipment, we have tried to answer their questions with the same level of unbiased opinion we are known for.
The real “how” and “why” for this growth is a rather interesting lesson in ‘government controlled cause and effect’. Although the general public has always had an interest in improving their physical appearance and overall health + fitness, the key catalyst for the supplement business came in 1990 when anabolic steroids were added to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act. After decades of relatively easy access to performance enhancing drugs, the government’s reclassification (making steroids as illegal as cocaine, heroine, etc) left a large market of people looking for a legal ‘added boost’. This began the rise of ‘sports nutrition’.
Fast forward to present day and the number of athlete endorsed brands, ‘pharmaceutical grade’ ingredients and ’proprietary blends’ is overwhelming. Even one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world owns a very well known brand. The irony for us is that the government, whose act of controlling steroids triggered the growth of supplements, deregulated many aspects of the industry and does very little to monitor the manufacturing, testing and or any of its advertising claims / techniques. If you are curious as to how easy it is to make your own supplement, watch the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster (starting around the 1:15 mark) .
With the above in mind, FIT PROF has spent the last few years testing various products to see which, if any, backed up their claims and delivered noticeable results. In recent months we have posted a few of the better products we have used (which can be found in our Blog section). In the coming months, we will be expanding our supplement postings and welcome any questions sort suggestions concerning supplements and or popular nutritional diet / plans.
Time for a little FIT PROF truth in the supplement industry.

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