Trimming the (body) fat

Posted 08/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

For many, being overweight or fat (the word most people use in their own inner-dialogue), is the number one reason they begin a new diet and exercise regime. And after a few weeks (or maybe months) of effort, some succeed in dropping a few inches or pounds.

Unfortunately, many don’t and most typically rebound back to their old habits and shape. It is at this point, that some begin searching for a magic bullet that ‘guarantees rapid results’.

Before you read any further, FIT PROF has nearly a quarter century of experience in the fitness business and has seen almost every kind of fad diet and diet product come – and go. UNDERSTAND; there is No magic bullet. No fat dissolving contraption. No easy fix. Reducing body fat and or building muscle take diligence and dedication, both in the gym and (equally as important) in the kitchen, in order to create changes that will last.

That said, there are a few nutritional supplements that may help with moments of fatigue and hunger, which may help you break through to your next level of results. Our favorite of all time is Promera Sport’s Capsi Blast. Its concentrated caffeine + pepper extract mixture offers the noticeable boost and heat we desire to help power through a challenging day of work and amp up our workouts, without the harsh crash common to other ‘energy’ drink / supplements.  Casi Blast is also the best tasting product of its kind on the market and has proven helpful to our personal ‘war on fat’ over the last few months. Visit for more information.

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