Slip, sliding away to a stronger core

Posted 11/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

The 1990s brought an onslaught of ‘ab’ equipment, all promising incredible workouts and the much sought after 6-pack! If you have every wondered how many of them were truly worthwhile, check your local classifieds or craigslist to see the countless ‘satisfied’ owners. Joking aside, the reason the units did not deliver results is two fold; they typically offered only a single exercise / movement and they were generally very poorly built.

For real results, adhering to a proper nutritional plan is the absolute first step. You cannot exercise past a poor diet. The next step is to find equipment that targets as much of the body as possible while still working the abdominal core. For many, the use of ‘gliding’ or ‘sliding’ disks have proven to be successful. With either your hands and or feet placed on these fabric or plastic pieces, various bodyweight movements can be performed. Unfortunately they are friction based, which means that i) the amount of pressure you apply will greatly affect their smoothness and freedom of movement, ii) they typically do not change direction very well resulting in only basic forward and back movements (nothing arcing or circular) and iii) they typically do not work well on every kind of surface. They key is to find a frictionless fitness slider that is truly omni-directional – such as the Core Flyte.

Supported by the three round ball transfers, each Core Flyte offers unrestricted movement. This ‘freedom’ increases both the variety of exercises possible as well as the challenge (and results) your workouts can deliver. Inexpensive and lightweight, Core Flytes are great option to help take your core and whole body training to the next level. For more information visit Core Flyte

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