Release, Recover, Rebuild

Posted 01/2016 by Fitness Professor in Uncategorized

Cramps. Kinks. Knots. Pulls. Anyone who has exercised has experienced some form of discomfort, soreness and or tightness that might have lasted longer than they had hoped. And for decades this natural response from the body was met with a recommendation of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Many were advised by ‘medical professionals’ to not move it until it feels better.

We now know that, beyond instances of catastrophic damage (break, tear, etc), immobilization (via rest or elevation) may result in an increase of scar tissue development and a decrease in range of motion while freezing reduces the delivery of blood and repairing nutrients to the area while potentially damaging and or killing tissue /cells. Luckily at least one of those old school recommendations offered some true benefit; compression. Compression, whether it is performed via active release, flossing, myofascial massage, tempering and or trigger point therapy, can dramatically releases tension within an area thereby helping to reduce pain and ultimately allowing the body to properly recover and rebuild itself for its next task. The challenge with all of the above mentioned techniques is successfully performing them yourself.

One of the most usable and versatile products for self-therapy we have used is Dr. B’s Back Relever. Created by chiropractor Dr. Blaskovich, the Back Relever’s curved shape and multiple ‘knobs’ to allow you to target and apply pressure to help release ‘tacked down’ and tight tissues throughout the entire body. Although not in the product literature (and therefore not officially recommended by Trigger Healthcare), one of our favorite uses is disconnecting the Back Relever and applying one portion to throughout the ‘always tight’ thigh and lower leg (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluten and calves) using both the knob (for targeting specific spots) and the curve (in more of a raking motion). Another great feature of this quality product; it is NOT made in Asia!

If living a more active, mobile and pain free life is of value, then Dr B’s Back Relever is a MUST HAVE in your fitness tool box! For more information visit

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