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Posted 06/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

Over recent years there has been a significant growth in the diversity of athletic footwear.  Although the heavily cushioned, elevated heel style of shoe still remains, the addition of minimal and ‘bare foot’ style shoes has offered buyers more choices . . . and more confusion.  When shopping for shoes, FITPROF.net recommends keeping two very important factors in mind; 1) how will you be using these shoes (hiking, running, weightlifting, walking around town, etc)? and 2) do your feet fit the shoe perfectly the moment you put them on?

As there are countless articles and blogs about ‘picking the best running shoe’, this post is going to focus on the two most common activities performed while wearing athletic shoes; walking and standing.  Even without the impact (associated with running), anyone who has “been on their feet all day” understands the value of proper footwear.  Ironically, the best shoes we have every worn, day after day, in and out of the gym, were designed by powerlifters (Jesse Burdick & Mark Bell) and marketed to CrossFit athletes.

With its wide toe box, ideal lateral support and limited drop (difference in height from heel to toe), the Reebok CrossFit Lite is a fantastic shoe for lifters and non-lifters alike as it allows the foot to function naturally.  The flexible yet cushioned sole feels extremely solid under foot and has outlasted and outperformed every other shoe we have worn over the last number of years.  We are such a fan of this shoe we have three pairs with more on our ‘wish list’  For more information visit Reebok.com.

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