Put the power back in your hands

Posted 10/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

When it comes to measuring someone’s true health and physical capacity, most experienced health practitioners know to look at person’s hands and feet. If one or both of these have some form of decreased mobility or function, everything that is neighboring / connected to them will undoubtedly have or will development problems. And for many, the use of your hands is vital for everything; from performing their favorite athletic activity or sport to common daily activities.

The challenge becomes in how to exercise the hands, wrists and lower arms effectively without excessive loads or aggravating any pre-existing issues or injuries. Since the 1970s, DFX has been the leader in manufacturing something that does just that; gyroscopic exercisers.

In simplified terms, the PowerBall is a ball within a ball. A smaller ball spins within a larger ball (that is held in your hand) creating dynamic resistance which is controlled with the amount of movement the you apply (to the larger outer ball). Turn and twist it slow, and the resistance which must be controlled is low. Give it all you can, and you better hold on tight! For anyone looking to improve, rehabilitate and strength their grip needs to invest in a DFX PowerBall!

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