Phenomenon or Fad-omenon

Posted 12/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

From FIT PROF’s inception in 2008, our focus has been on providing complete, unbiased reviews of specialty fitness equipment. The original catalyst that started us on this path was that for years the fitness industry was inundated with ‘payola’ style product reviews and a never ending barrage of low grade informercial products.

The cold hard truth is that anything worth having requires work. Getting healthy can be hard work. And in many cases, more hard work than the average person believes they need to do. This opens the door for personalities and or corporations to produce and promote products that are inexpensive and claim to ‘burn more calories or fat’ or ‘build ripped muscles in 30 days’.

With that history in mind, when SpikeTV announced that a new show called Sweat Inc was going to be a competition between fitness entrepreneurs to find the next big fitness phenomenon, we were optimistically hopefully. With such a massive stage, a truly great product could massively expand its reach and offer a legitimate new solution for those looking to get in better shape. Unfortunately it didn’t even take the full first episode to see what ‘phenomenon’ meant to the judges. They were not interested in what was the most effective or innovative. Nor were they interested in testing the product’s efficacy in the real world (based on the test subject’s imposed nutrition, programming and presentation). All they wanted was would be the easiest and fastest sell to the masses.

It is our belief that the word ‘phenomenon’, when applied to the health and fitness, should refer to ‘amazing and attainable physical results’. Perhaps we are wrong, as it clearly about ‘truck loads of profit’ to others.

The positive take away? Ignore the hype. Ignore the reviews that are not backed by experience AND real people. Focus on finding products and programs that are enjoyable and motivational for you, and which are produced / promoted by those who focus on honest, long-term, quality results.

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