No More Resolutions

Posted 01/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

Celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another is a longstanding tradition in most cultures. Remembering the challenges and triumphs, those who have been lost and those who have been found. And for many, this time of reflection typically ushers in another tradition; New Year’s resolutions. Albeit positive in intention, most lofty resolutions are never attained. Whether it is a month, week, day or even a few hours into the new calendar, people see a small failure as a permanent derailing of their master plan, leaving them feeling defeated and ready to quit.

Stop resolving and Start planning.

Many people resolve to “loose weight” however very few ever plan out how they are going to get there. The most successful method for achieve this or any longterm change is to breaking it down into smaller and even smaller manageable mini-goals. For example, a 20lbs loss over an entire year 20lbs is very attainable (= 70,000+ calories). However reaching and possibly exceeding this goal requires a plan that includes daily, weekly and monthly targets. A daily goal could include skipping the 200 calorie “coffee drink” (equivalent to 50,000+ calories per year) or a weekly goal of 20 minutes of exercise 5 days per week (equivalent to 15,000 ~ 100,000+ calories per year).

View each mini goal as a success, do extra work for any goals missed, and know that each tomorrow brings you another opportunity to build towards your ultimate goal.

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