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Posted 04/2015 by Fitness Professor in BLOG

For those who enjoy lifting challenging weights, grip is one of the most difficult aspects to develop and maintain during a workout.  Since most people do not handle heavy objects on a regular basis (such as regular manual labor), their hands typically do not develop the strength and endurance needed to keep up with other body parts (arms, back or legs).  This results in the hands / grip fatiguing quickly and becoming a major limiting factor to workout success.

Although many workout enthusiasts use lifting straps to ‘fasten’ their hands to the bar, thereby removing the “weak link” from the exercise, this does little to solve the actual problem.  Plus, straps can be cumbersome and do not work well for all exercises.  This is why most professional training facilities offer ‘good old fashion’ chalk to help their athletes keep a better grip.  Unfortunately, chalk can be extremely messy and somewhat unhygienic if shared.  Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is the perfect solution.

Developed by a collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, Hand Armor is a liquid chalk that is antibacterial, mess-free and above all else, super easy to use.  Simply squeeze a small amount in the palm of your hand, rubs your hands together and in less than a minute you have a professional grade chalk that will help you to perform better throughout your entire workout.  Having used countless “grip aids” over the years, Hand Armor is the best on the market and ideal for pro athletes, weekend warriors and health enthusiasts alike.  For more information visit HandArmorChalk.com

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