Brand of the Year

Now in our tenth year of reviews, and approaching our third decade in the fitness equipment industry, we have seen it all. From countless fads and gimmicks sold via informercials, to garage start up companies and multi-national corporate monsters. Market trends from yoga to powerlifting, and products manufactured from Ohio to India.

In that time, there have been a number of truly great products and even a few brands that have impressed us. Unique design features. Quality fit and finish. Well rounded product line-up. Each showing that the people involved understood the needs of their customers and were dedicated to producing the best products possible. And when a product or brand achieves this level of greatness, FIT PROF feels obligated to acknowledge it.

With that said, we are excited to announce that:
Matrix Fitness has earned our 2017 FIT PROF Brand of the Year award!

We could explain how their years of commercial experience shows in every detail, or how the new Matrix products are powered by one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers. Instead – watch the video below, read one or more of their record setting 10 Best Buy awards, and go visit your local specialty fitness dealer and experience Matrix for yourself!

3G Cardio Elite Runner BEST BUY Treadmill BH Fitness BEST BUYS Spirit Fitness BEST BUYS