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February 2016
Truth Supplement
Here is a little fun fact for visitors to FIT PROF; in the last 3 decades (or so), the nutritional supplement industry has exploded into a 30 billion dollar business worldwide, and is still growing. That is nearly three times that of the fitness equipment business! (. . . read more).

January 2016
Release, Recover, Rebuild
Cramps. Kinks. Knots. Pulls. Anyone who has exercised has experienced some form of discomfort, soreness and or tightness which might have lasted longer than they had hoped. And for decades this natural response from the body was met with a recommendation of RICE (. . . read more).

December 2015
Phenomenon or Fad-omenon
From FIT PROF’s inception in 2008, our focus has been on providing complete, unbiased reviews of specialty fitness equipment. The original catalyst that started us on this path was that for years the fitness industry was inundated with ‘payola’ (. . . read more).

November 2015
Slip, sliding away to a stronger core
The 1990s brought an onslaught of ‘ab’ equipment, all promising incredible workouts and the much sought after 6-pack! If you have every wondered how many of them were truly worthwhile, check your local classifieds or craigslist to see (. . . read more)

October 2015
Put the power back in your hands
When it comes to measuring someone’s true health and physical capacity, most experienced health practitioners know to look at person’s hands and feet. If one or both of these have some form of decreased mobility or function (. . . read more)

September 2015
Are you on the Juice?
Although far from a new concept, it would appear that a juicing craze is making its way across the country. With ‘juice bars’ becoming as common as coffee shops, with some businesses even offering both, finding an ‘apple kale ginger juice’ is (. . . read more)

August 2015
Trimming the (body) fat
For many, being overweight or fat (the word most people use in their own inner-dialogue), is the number one reason they begin a new diet and exercise regime. And after a few weeks (or maybe months) of effort, some succeed in dropping a few inches (. . . read more)

July 2015
Stability or Instability (that is the question)?
Stability (or instability) training has been around since the 1960’s (if not long before).  However, it is not until the late 90’s and earlier 2000’s that it began to increase in popularity amongst the fitness mainstream with the introduction of air-filled exercise (. . . read more)

June 2015
Put your Best Foot-wear Forward
Over recent years there has been a significant growth in the diversity of athletic footwear. Although the heavily cushioned, elevated heel style of shoe still remains, the addition of minimal and ‘bare foot’ style shoes has offered buyers more choices and more confusion (. . . read more)

May 2015
Rest + Recovery
Over the years has been reviewing specialty fitness equipment, we have received countless inquiries and requests regarding what supplements to take, which supplements are the best and (most importantly) whether supplements are worth (. . . read more)

April 2015
Hold On for Better Results
For those who enjoy lifting challenging weights, grip is one of the most difficult aspects to develop and maintain during a workout. Since most people do not handle heavy objects on a regular basis (such as regular manual labor), their hands (. . . read more)

March 2015
Patch Works
Whether it is at home or in the gym, upholstery never seems to last. Constant exposure to friction, pressure and sweat inevitably results in ‘wear spots’ that are uncomfortable and unsightly. For years, the only options has been an expensive (. . . read more)

February 2015
Weight is Not Created Equally
As noted in last month’s blog, weight loss is a very common goal. Unfortunately, measuring your body and your physical fitness in pounds is a near surefire road to failure (. . . read more)

January 2015
No More Resolutions
Celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another is a longstanding tradition in most cultures. Remembering the challenges and triumphs, those who have been lost and those who have been found. And for many, this time of reflection (. . . read more here)



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