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You have made a great decision; to improve the quality of your life through physical exercise.
Your challenge now is to find the right equipment that fits your needs.

Even for the seasoned fitness enthusiast, selecting the proper machine from the vast array of products available today can be a very daunting task. Trying to compare the various makes, models, features and quality ranges can be incredibly frustrating and potentially overwhelming. In a situation such as this, relying on a knowledgeable friend can be the best way to skip all of the “BS” and get the “straight goods“.

With decades of experience, nearly 5,000 reviews and hundreds of thousands of site visitors, our goal today remains the same as it was when FIT PROF began;

“provide consumers with complete, unbiased, and independent fitness equipment reviews to assist them in selecting the very best products for achieving their goals”

Welcome to FIT PROF, your new friend in fitness, where our allegiance is to you the consumer and not the manufacturers or retailers. To begin, select one of our featured Head of the Class BEST BUY Award Winners shown below, find out who won our Best New Product of the Year, use the menu buttons located above. Please note that reviews are shown in alphabetical order by manufacturer with their score (if applicable) at the top right of the image / link.

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